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Welcome to my Teaching Page

Welcome to my teaching page. Here you can find a brief overview of the courses I'm currently teaching, with links to relevant teaching material and other useful websites. On the sidebar you might also find a sample course syllabus and sample lectures.

Fall - Winter Courses AY 2011-2012 :  Teaching Materials

- ECE342    (Password Protected)

- ECF342    (Password Protected)

- ECF242    (Password Protected)

- ECE492    (Password Protected)

- MBA521    (Password Protected)


ECE 492 Students

***Some Guidelines helping you to structure your seminar paper***


Access to US and Canadian Data

You can have access to the US and Canadian Data using CHASS-CANSIM available through any computer in the campus, the links are:


You may also use the Federal Reserve System website to get US macro data using its Saint Louis Reserve Economic Data -FRED engine.

-    ST-Louis Fed



Using LaTeX to compile your seminar paper !

LaTeX is a software system for typesetting text into high-quality pdf or dvi file format. This package is a free software helping to prepare documents for printing and for on-screen viewing. It is particularly strong for documents that involve a lot of mathematical expressions, while refining the general aspects of typesetting.
  • Link to MiKTeX, which is a great Windows implementation of LaTeX. You can use Scientific Word as a front end to MiKTeX (instructions).
  • (La)TeX packages can be found at the TeX Catalogue Online
  • Link to a BibTeX database manager: JabRef
  • Link to a program to draw LaTeX pictures jPicEdt
  • Links to free LaTeX editors: Texmaker, TeXnicCenter and LEd
  • Links to a LaTeX manuals: Wikibooks/LaTeX and Oetiker's The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

    Text editing and LaTeX compiling:

    There are several editors that can be used with a LaTeX compiler. The standard compiler seems to be MiKTeX. You can use it with a text editor, like TeXnicCenter (free) or Winedt (shareware, cost about $30, but you can use it in evaluation mode for free), wich are interface editors, you can also use Mathtype or TeXaide (free), which write mathematical language in WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) like Word Equation Editor does and then simply copy-and-paste into the LaTeX file that you are editing).


  • Texniccenter a feature rich and easy-to-use integrated environment for creating LaTeX documents on the Windows platform

  • WinEdt™ a powerful and versatile ASCII editor and shell for MS Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents...

  • MathType a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh

  • TeXaide a mathematical equation editor, that allows you to create complex LaTeX equations through simple point-and-click techniques.


    Other resources for other uses:

  • Rtf2LaTeX2e – free software to convert from rtf (MS-Word) file to LaTeX. It saves a lot of work when converting existent papers written in Word like programs, but it is not perfect (tables, graphs, equations, and formats may not convert well).

  • LaTeX.org – information and free programs for lots of uses.

  • Ctan.org – information and free programs.

    Writing Economics Papers: some advices


    General advice on writing


    Writing resources


    • In your term paper you're required to run a model estimation and I recommand using EViews package available at the Art Lab. Eviews, or Econometric Views, is an econometric software package designed to run on personal computers under the Windows operating system. It takes advantage of the Windows graphical user interface for easy entry, manipulation, and analysis of data. Many operations in EViews are simplified by using the menu system. To select an item from the menu, simply use the mouse to move the tip of the pointer arrow over the item, then click the left-hand mouse button. For example, try clicking on Help. This causes a “submenu” to pop down. Now select “EViews Help Topics…” from this submenu. This causes the “EViews Help Topics” window to open. We’ll discuss the Help facility in greater detail below.

      A basic guide to Eviews can be found following this link

      and a more complete one can be found here.

    Some links to other useful software:




    Warning: Some informations contained in this document are in part recovered from the internet and all thanks go to those who spent their invaluable time providing it.

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Introduction to Econometrics (ECE342)
This course introduce students to the econometric theory and its application in order to equip them with the basic knowledge required for performing quantitative analyses of economic models. In this course we essentially cover the basic elements of the general econometric procedure in the context of the linear regression modelt. More...

Seminar In Economics (ECE492)
An important part in writing an economics paper is planning the economics paper. This is the only tip that you have to use. You have to structure your text in a proper way, in order to do a good economics paper.. More...

Introduction à l'Économétrie (ECF342)
Ce cours constitue une étape intermédiaire en étude de l’économétrie et des méthodes statistiques qui permettent de tester la validité des théories économiques. More...

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